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Why GRF Business?

How many Indian spices are there? RETRACTED ARTICLE: Seven spices of India—from kitchen to ... India is a great producer of plenty of spices, from 80 types of spices grown in the world where as about 50 types are grown in India. Spices not only improve the taste of food but also a good source of vitamins B and C, iron, calcium, and other antioxidants

GRF Business is the leading manufacture and marketing of Health care and Wellness products in India, which has been in the business of Formulate and Marketing Traditional Medicine food supplements, Natural health foods and Cosmetics. Damoo Life Science founded by MURUGAN THANGARAJU. Director Admin, who through his great vision of spreading the message of wellness, and for the development of dream has been associated with professional colleagues embarked on development of thoroughly research & Developed products that bring about significant improvement in human health. More than 5 years of experience with clinical trial already forging their own path to success.

GRF Business mission is to:

* Provide high-quality Products

* Create and cultivate Long-term relationships with customers

* Respond immediately to the changing needs of our customers

* Achieve complete customer satisfaction

* Improve our services continuously

* Increase their Economic level

* Help to attain their Dreams of Life

* Build their Network

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